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Number 59


Gum Gree Farm Designs Sheep

Franny Kansteiner's blanket

Kudos to Franny Kansteiner- founder and designing shepherd of Gum Gree Farm Designs. Fibers from her flock of sheep will be sheered on the spot at Oak Spring Farm in Upperville during the Garden Tour on Saturday, April 24.

Using inspiration from the iconic racing silks of Paul Mellon of gray and yellow she has created a blanket in collaboration with the Oak Spring Foundation. The foundation, is the horticulatural center created by the late Bunny Mellon.

Franny Kansteiner's blanket


Fox Hunters on White's Ferry
Local Farmer Trading Cards

Loudoun Economic Development and the Loudoun County Public School’s School Nutrition Services office announced the starting lineup of local farmers featured in this year’s deck of Farmer Trading Cards.

These will be distributed to elementary school students across the county. And, guess what? The Ag Census shows that Loudoun leads the Commonwealth in farms owned by women, Latinx, Hispanic, Asian, and military veterans.

Loudoun’s Business Development Officer for Agriculture and Business Services John Magistro revealed that the 2021 featured farmers are:

• Ben Sedlins;
Quartzwood Farm

• Catie Dutcher;
Butterfly Hill Farm

• Chris Van Vlack;
Hanging Rock Hay and Grain

• Evelyn Carr;
Three Bags Wool Farm

• Kristina Scharf;
Loudoun Beekeeping Company

• Maya Wechsler;
A Farm Less Ordinary

• Pamela Jones & Sarah Waybright;
Gathering Springs Farm

• Rebecca Brouwer;
Shepherds Corner Farm

• Todd Morrison;
Dawson Gap Farm

Artist JC Vazzana
J C Vazzana
Photo © Vicky Moon

The Fun Shop painting by J.C. Vazzano
The Fun Shop by J.C. Vazzano

On a recent pleasant afternoon we ran into JC Vazanna a long time resident and Hill School grad. He is working on his paintings and can be spotted from time to time around the village. Wish him well.

Blackburn Architects PC

Sylvia Rideoutt Bishop autographed book

Land and Trust of Virginia logo

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The Ultimate Middleburg Social Calendar | REAL Estates

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