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Jane Whetsel, Mike Erskine and Cindy Ingram
Brian Roeder
Photo © by Vicky Moon

Brian Roeder, principal owner of the Barrel Oak Winery outside of Marshall, held a community meeting on Friday, June 14th to explain his plans for 50-seat restaurant and 42-room hotel to be built adjacent to the vineyard.

Roeder is seeking multiple special exemption permits from Fauquier County for his building which is in an area zoned Rural Agriculture (RA).

About 100 attended, and by a show of hands at the start of the meeting, an overwhelming number were opposed to the project. There was particularly strong opposition from property owners near Barrel Oak and many in attendance objected to a commercial building of this size being built outside of Marshall, which is the nearest Service District. Additional concerns included: increased noise and traffic and impact to the water table.

Jeb Hannum of Delaplane identified himself as the spokesperson for the Fauquier Countryside Preservation Group, one of many organizations planning to actively oppose the hotel and restaurant.

Roeder acknowledged that he has not yet done any market research on the demand for the hotel. A number of attendees pointed to low vacancy rates at nearby inns and hotels. According to the Fauquier County Planning Commission, a formal application for “The Lodge at Barrel Oak” was filed Friday, June 14.

Roeder is asking for four special exceptions to the zoning ordinance: the resort itself, above ground water storage, events and drainage.

According to Fauquier Chief of Planning Adam Shellenberger, the Planning Commission has scheduled a public hearing on the Barrel Oak application for August 15. The commission will then vote to either recommend the application be approved or denied. The recommendation then goes to the Board of Supervisors, which makes the final decision. The earliest it could be approved would be some time in September. Stay tuned.

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Peggy Richardson and Diane Jones
Photo © by Vicky Moon

Scenic views, important habitat and critical farmland are now protected from development forever.

The Land Trust of Virginia has sent word to that a largfe parcel from Clarke County will remain green. Approximately five miles from Berryville, in northern Clarke County, 165.7 acres are now permanently protected by the Land Trust through the donation of a conservation easement.

The property consists of approximately 18 acres of forest cover, of which more than 12 acres consist of high forest conservation values as designated by the Virginia National Heritage Program. Visible to the public from three roads, more than 64 percent of the property consists of prime farmland, important for agriculture sustainability throughout the county.

Donated to LTV by a Virginia family, this conservation easement eliminates three building lots and prevents any division of the property forever, further protecting the historic lands within the Mosby Heritage Area. Currently, the owners are working to convert most of the existing open fields into planted forest habitat.

Properties like this provide countless benefits to the public and are the result of the collaboration of numerous individuals and organizations. Continued support from the public helps facilitate these collaborations resulting in a win for conservation in Virginia.

The Land Trust of Virginia is a nonprofit organization that partners with landowners who voluntarily protect properties with significant historic, scenic, or ecological value. With the addition of this easement, LTV now holds 175 easements protecting a total of 19,293 acres in 15 counties across Virginia.?


Peggy Richardson and Diane Jones
Photo © by Vicky Moon

The Middleburg branch of Atlantic Union Bank recently hosted a celebration for long-time banking executive Arch A. Moore III on the occasion of his retirement., of course, wishes him well.


Peggy Richardson and Diane Jones
Photo © by Vicky Moon

Members, guests and friends of the Middleburg Business Association recently gathered for a poolside meeting at The Goodstone Inn, clearly one of the most striking settings in the countryside.

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The Ultimate Middleburg Social Calendar | Property Writes

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