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Brian Roeder
Brian Roeder
Photo © by Vicky Moon

Brian Roeder, principal owner of the Barrel Oak Winery outside of Marshall, held a community meeting on Friday, June 14th to explain his plans for 50-seat restaurant and 42-room hotel to be built adjacent to the vineyard.

Roeder is seeking multiple special exemption permits from Fauquier County for his building which is in an area zoned Rural Agriculture (RA).
About 100 attended, and by a show of hands at the start of the meeting, an overwhelming number were opposed to the project. Continued Page Two..


Ann MacLeod
Photo © by Vicky Moon

Ann MacLeod recently celebrated her 97th Birthday at a small private luncheon that included a special cupcake bouquet from Daniela Anderson of Countryside Confections.


Trinity Episcopal Church floral donations
Photo © by Vicky Moon

Carolyn Smith, a long-time member of the Trinity Episcopal Church in Upperville, has come up with a wonderful way to “upcycle” the floral arrangements prepared for the Sunday services.

Smith, also a member of the church’s flower guild, thought it would be a terrific idea to take the arrangements over to Levis Hill
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Battle of Middleburg reinactment
Photo © by Vicky Moon

It turns out the saber rattling is nothing new. Just ask those gathered recently at for a version of the Battle of Middleburg. Merriam Webster defines it as:

Definition of saber-rattling:
overtly and often exaggeratedly threatening actions or statements (such as verbal threats or ostentatious displays of military power) that are meant to intimidate an enemy by suggesting possible use of force PS before you send a note to the editor about the spelling of the weapon, consider this: the British spell it as sabre. We prefer the American spelling for this purpose.

Blackburn Architects PC


Blackburn Architects

Blackburn Architects
Photo © by Vicky Moon

Blackburn Architects, a Washington, D.C. based architectural firm that specializes in equine facilities of all types, is currently designing a new lameness assessment center addition at the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center in Leesburg.

The new Youngkin Equine Soundness Clinic will be located in an unoccupied area to the southeast of the existing barns and connect to the existing Fout Barn, used as an equine podiatry evaluation facility.

A team of designers from Blackburn Architects provided master planning services to evaluate the existing site to determine where best to place the new lameness evaluation center.
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Wisdom Sale

A huge sale of 50 % off all merchandise will begin at Wisdom Gallery at 10 S. Madison Street beginning Friday, July 5. For details call 540-687-3909

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The Ultimate Middleburg Social Calendar | Property Writes

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