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Brian Roeder
Photo by Vicky Moon

This note is an update from the Fauquier Countryside Preservation Group (FCPG) on the proposed "lodge" or hotel, at the property adjacent to the Barrel Oak Winery outside of Marshall, near Delaplane.

Since the June public meeting hosted by Brian Roeder, part owner of the winery and the adjacent parcel, an application has been formally submitted to county staff and is being reviewed.

Many are familiar with the details. However, as a reminder, Mr. Roeder proposes the following:

- 32,000-square foot "lodge" with 42 rooms, restaurant and meeting spaces
- 78 outdoor events per year
- Parking for 125 cars
- Event hours would run to midnight on weekends; up to 160 attendees per event would be allowed and the hotel's restaurant would be open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekends

Four special exceptions would have to be approved for the:

1. Lodge/Resort
2. Event Facility
3. Above ground storage tank for fire suppression
4. Alternative onsite septic

Since Mr. Roeder's original submission to the county, he has informed the planning staff of his intention to re-submit his application
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Mary Litchfied Reid and son Eric Reid
Photo by Vicky Moon

Mary Litchfied Reid and her son Eric Reid enjoyed a day out at the MARS Great Meadow International Three Day Event competition for a luncheon hosted by MARS Equestrian.


Students from the Middleburg Community Charter School

Students at the Middleburg Community Charter School made one of their first field trips to 20118 headquarters.

Blackburn Architects PC


Local horseman Snowden Clarke
Photo by Vicky Moon

Local horseman Snowden Clarke was honored for his good sportsmanship at the Warrenton Horse Show recently.

Hes a member of the board and works to gain sponsorships before the show. Then, during the show he competes (very successfully we might add) and in his spare moments, answers all kinds of questions.


Journalist Leonard Shapiro

Friend and star journalist Leonard Shapiro happened to be in Ft. Lauderdale as word of Hurricane Dorian made headlines. So Shapiro did what any former long-time Washington Post editor would do. He joined the team for a number of front page (yes, A1) stories.

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The Ultimate Middleburg Social Calendar | Property Writes

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