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Number 28

By Kevin Ramundo

Several months ago, a group of concerned citizens and various conservation/preservation organizations formed the Fauquier Countryside Preservation Group (FCPG) to oppose the proposed Lodge at Barrel Oak project in Delaplane.

As a founding member, I’d like to share my thoughts on this 42-room hotel, restaurant and event operation. I should mention that the project has been renamed the Sanctuary at Barrel Oak in an attempt to mask what the project really is --- a commercial operation that has no place in an area zoned rural/agricultural.

A primary focus of Fauquier County’s comprehensive plan is locating commercial activities in its eight service districts. That’s why 90 percent of our county remains rural and why we live in such a pristine area that attracts tourism-related activity that contributes $180 million and approximately 2,000 jobs to the county’s economy.

Let’s not kill the proverbial goose by allowing this project which could lead to similar commercial businesses outside the service districts throughout the county and harm our beautiful countryside and rural economy that benefits everyone.

Besides being in the wrong place, the application for this project lacks so much information that the magnitude of the traffic, well-water and other adverse impacts are unclear. The scale of the operation is vague as relates to the number of total outdoor and indoor events. And very little information has been submitted on the layout of the 32,000 square-foot hotel and what the structure would look like other than a Photo-shopped image of the existing home on the property which would be expanded four-fold to house the hotel, restaurant and event center.

The neighbors appear to be opposed to the project. They already have to deal with excessive traffic and noise from the many thousands who visit the adjacent Barrel Oak and neighboring Blue Valley wineries annually, and the thousands more who attend the many special events these wineries hold. The 78 annual special events (for up to 160 persons each) requested as part of the “sanctuary” project would almost double the number of events being held.

Back in June, Brian Roeder, the applicant for the project and an owner of Barrel Oak Winery, held a public meeting attended by approximately 90 people, many of whom live near his winery.

When he asked if they supported his project, approximately 90 percent said they did not. Many spoke about the noise, traffic and view shed impacts of the Barrel Oak Winery, and strongly opposed more traffic-and-noise generating development near their homes. They know that approval of this project would make a bad situation even worse. Roeder’s proposal comes up for a public hearing at the Thursday, Oct. 17 Fauquier
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Please note that the Fauquier County Planning Commission will hold a public meeting on Thursday, October 17th at 6:30 p.m. in the Warren Green Building, First Floor Meeting Room, 10 Hotel Street, Warrenton. At this time, the application for a 42-room hotel adjacent to the Barrel Oak Winery outside of Marshall near Delaplane will be on the agenda.

It is important that the Planning Commission see a strong turnout from residents in opposition to the project.The Planning Commission may formally vote on the application on the 17th. The outcome of the vote will be a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.


The Wild Woman of Karakorum
"The Wild Woman of Karakorum" by Silas Plum

Youngblood Art Studio presents "Some G*ddamn Horses!," an exploration of the equine form featuring sculpture by Lilla Ohrstrom and paintings by Silas Plum.

Wild Mongolian Horse Rider Katie Hasse will give a talk detailing her experiences in The Mongol Derby, the world’s longest, toughest horse race Friday, October 11th from 4 to 7p.m..

The show will continue through November. For more information, email or contact Lilla @ 540-270-0402 or Silas @ 540-272-6803

Blackburn Architects PC


Ellen Emmet Rand

Ellen Emmet Rand (American, 1875-1941), Miss Emily Davie, ex-Whipper-in to the Aiken Junior Drag, 1932, oil on canvas, 48 1/2 x 31 inches, Collection of Geoffrey N. Bradfield

I wish I could just stay here, + work + ride + not have to go away,” wrote Ellen EmmetRand in a nearly illegible cramped hand in her diary about her beloved 450-acre farm, Hamlet Hill in Salisbury, CT, in 1928. Beginning with her early experiences as the first female student of American painter and sculptor Frederick MacMonnies in Paris, for decades Rand had been a successful portrait painter,commuting to her studio in New York City and across the country for commissions to support her family’s town and country lifestyle.

Little did she know she was about to embark on a journey that would lead her to fulfill her dream of becoming a foxhunter while crossing paths with some of the most influential sporting figures of the 1920s and ‘30s including Masters of several prestigious hunts such as Fletcher Harper of The Plains and a Master of Foxhounds for what is now known as Orange County Hounds.

“Leading the Field: Ellen Emmet Rand,” is now on view at the National Sporting Library & Museum (NSLM) at the west end of the village of Middleburg until March 22, 2020. The show brings together several extraordinarysporting commissions as well as paintings, studies, and sketches of the artist’s family and friends. The exhibition creates a personal picture of Rand as a fiercely talented painter, loving mother, countrywoman, and horsewoman.

Born in 1875, Rand was among the first generation of women to gain recognition as professional artists. Her subjects included captains of industry, judges, lawyers, socialites, children, and politicians, notably, the first presidential portrait of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

She was featured in over 70 exhibits throughout her career, and her last solo exhibition in 1936 was Sporting Portraits by Ellen Emmet Rand, N.A. at The Sporting Gallery & Bookshop in New York City. It highlighted 18 portraits of recognized sportsmen and -women.

The NSLM’s exhibition gathers together 15 of these original paintings and brings to life the sitters who are portrayed. Highlights of the exhibition are Jake in Hunting Clothes, c. 1935—of Rand’s
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