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The Middleburg Community Charter School

The Middleburg Community Charter School’s (MCCS) Board of Directors has announced that the school has received a $200,000 challenge grant from a generous, anonymous donor which initiated the launch of the 2019 MCCS Challenge Grant Campaign to help raise funds.

This grant will match, dollar-for-dollar, all donations made through the end of the year to the charter school, which happens to be the longest running public school in Loudoun County.

Due to their charter distinction, the school has expenses and academic goals that exceed funds allotted by Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS). For example, extra expenses include capital improvements, staffing, technology upgrades, curriculum enrichment and busing services.

The school will also use funds to boost its permanent endowment fund, which is managed in partnership by the Western Loudoun County Community Schools Foundation.

"Our vision at MCCS is to provide the greatest possible school experience, meeting scholars at their learning level and style and
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Christmas in Middleburg

Christmas in Middleburg is a wonderful community event. Festivities begin at 8 a.m., Saturday, December 7 with Breakfast with Santa and a silent auction at the Middleburg Community Charter School.

“Christmas in Middleburg is a wonderful family festival,” said parade organizer Jim Herbert. “This year’s event will be especially exciting because the parade day will feature more food and drink, more amenities, with unique activities taking place throughout the day for visitors to enjoy. Christmas in Middleburg is where you see everything that Middleburg is really all about.”

For information call the Pink Box Visitor Center at 540-687-8888 or email



Consumers should measure delivered firewood to ensure they receive full value. As home heating season begins, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Con-sumer Services (VDACS) advises consumers to measure deliveries of firewood to ensure they receive the full value of their purchase. In Virginia, bulk deliveries of firewood for home heating are sold by the cord which is 128 cubic feet of fire-wood.

A full cord of firewood, when stacked in a compact line or row, with individual pieces touching and parallel to each other, would be a pile that measures: 4 feet wide, 4 feet high and 8 feet long (4 x 4 x 8 = 128) or 2
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Ho Ho Tree

… to The Pink Box/Middleburg Museum at the corner of Madison and Marshall at 5 p.m. Friday, December 6 for an evening that promises to light up the town. It’s the kickoff for Christmas in Middleburg starting on Saturday, December 7. According to museum Executive Director Suzanne Orbetz: “We have more lights than ever.” The event will include singers and refreshments and is orchestrated by the Middleburg Museum Foundation and the Middleburg Business & Professional Association. Details and questions at 703-853-2174. For more events see our calendar page.

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The Ultimate Middleburg Social Calendar | Property Writes

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