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Melanie Blunt with First Place Grand Prize of Greens Show

First Place Grand Prize at the Middleburg Greens Show held at Emmanuel Episcopal Church went to Marlene Baldwin for her design being admired by Melanie Blunt, president of the Middleburg Garden Club.


Photographer Sarah Huntington
Photo by Vicky Moon

Photographer Sarah Huntington was among the artists whose work--Three Horses--was on display at the Artists in Middleburg (AIM) Gallery during Christmas in Middleburg.


Lilla Ohrstrom

Lilla Ohrstrom is busy at her Youngblood Art Studio in The Plains with handmade ornaments, Christmas cards, mugs, fox tiles, jewelry, fine art sculptures and mixed media painting on display and for Christmas giving. She has five distinct card designs by Silas Plum and The Polychromic Zoo!, produced in limited quantities by Youngblood Art Studio. Add to this: sculpture and woodcut prints by Joan Danziger, sculpture by Kathleen Friedenberg, jewelry by Minna Marston and Nol Putnam iron work. Lilla Ohrstrom, MA. ATR-P, is an international mixed media artist and an art therapist based at her Youngblood Art Studio. She specializes in bronze and ceramic mixed media sculpture and art therapy. Supporting the arts at YAS enables YAS to remain a center for healing through art. For details go to

Blackburn Architects PC

Samuel Lee Coleman Jr.
By Leonard Shapiro

All of Middleburg is mourning the death of Sam Coleman, the long-time FedEx de-livery man who passed away on December 7 as a result of cancer, diagnosed earlier this year. I covered his brother, Monte, a fearsome linebacker for the Joe Gibbs Redskins, and have known Sam for many years. One day a few years ago, we sat down and talked.

At one time or another, Sam Coleman believed he had knocked on every business office door in Middleburg and its environs.

He’d visited every shop in town, stopped by virtually all the single family homes, townhouses and apartments in the village, and had been a regular presence at every farm and estate all around.

In the weeks before Christmas in 2014, he told me it was his most frenetic time of the year, and yet Coleman’s demeanor never changed. He had a broad smile, a waive or a handshake for everyone he saw on the street or met up close and personal, no matter how rushed he may have been.

Coleman was known far and wide in this community simply as Sam, The FedEx Man. And without him, Middleburg commerce surely would have ground to a screeching halt, most shop shelves would have been half empty and all those holiday presents would never have been delivered.

Coleman was Middleburg’s FedEx man for 25 years, and he was as
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The Ultimate Middleburg Social Calendar | Property Writes

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