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Number 42

A Letter from one of our all time favorite writers: John Sherman of Paris, Virginia.

Courtesy of Fauquier Channel One

John Sherman of Paris, Virginia
John Sherman of Paris, Virginia


I will plant 20 tomato plants this year—down from 45 last year. Mostly heirlooms: Brandywines, Black Krims, German Johnsons (parent of the Mortgage Lifter).

I normally throw in a few Better Boys as back-ups. My father was partial to Rutgers. During the early 1940s his gardens took up a disproportionate piece of our back yard.

He put up no fences, as the critter problem on Long Island was pretty much limited to slugs and flea beetles.

He grew everything from currants to cucumbers to cabbage and carrots. No corn, as Long Island was brimming with finest I ever put tooth to (my father’s expression).

One of my earliest and fondest memories is of my father taking me by the hand into his garden. He pulled a salt shaker from one of his pockets and a penknife from the other.

He pulled one of the Rutgers, sliced it in half, salted it and handed me my piece. The juice ran down my shirt. He cut another. I
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Joe Sansour
Joe Sansour

The toilet paper and paper towel shelves have been bare lately at the big box grocery stores all around the Middleburg area, but readily available at Nick’s Deli in Marshall. Nick's also stocks surgical face masks and bandanas that also do the social distancing job, all at reasonable prices. Proprietor Joe Sansour drives to Baltimore every day to replenish his stock from a supplier, very definitely an important display of community service, for all the obvious reasons. And while you’re there, try the French Fries, so large and tasty they’re called Marshall frog legs.

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From Lauren Woolcott, chairman of the board of the Middleburg Spring Race Association: “The races are now Saturday, June 13 at Glenwood Park and the gala has been postponed to Friday evening, April 16, 2021 with the races on Saturday, April 17.”


The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) has partnered with produce retailers and wholesalers to market Virginia Grown produce in local stores. To satisfy product demand and to assist any possible market disruptions, VDACS is asking for Virginia produce growers, who are Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certified, to register for this opportunity.

“We are aware that Virginia farmers might have seen market disruptions in their normal distribution since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing. However, our produce retailers and wholesalers are Continued Page 2

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