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Number 49

The Onion Dialogues
by Nicole Acosta

Amy Owen and Tamara Copeland
Amy Owen and Tamara Copeland

The Community Foundation’s Social Impact Institute has launched the Racial Equity Framework, a three-part program providing nonprofit professionals and government partners tools for addressing race and racism, allyship, and organizational equity:

Part 1: The Onion Dialogues: an introductory workshop for nonprofit executives and board members to discuss and learn about race and racism (August 2020)

Part 2: Allyship: a workshop for nonprofit and local government professionals, providing participants with tools to become an ally for racial justice (September – October 2020; registration information coming soon).

Part 3: 360 Equity Review: two nonprofit organizations will be selected receive feedback and technical assistance related to equitable policies, practices, and decision-making (fall/winter 2020; applications will be released August 2020).

It is expected that organizations interested in the 360 Equity Review will have participated in both The Onion Dialogues and Allyship programs.

Now Accepting Registration: The Onion Dialogues

The Onion Dialogues, presented by Tamara Copeland and Amy Owen, provides nonprofit executives and Board members the opportunity to explore and normalize conversation about race. Just as an onion has
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Virginia Fall Planting

The latest scoop from over in Bluemont….Boulder Crest Foundation, a veteran-led nonprofit organization serving military combat veterans and first responders, through free, posttraumatic growth programming, announces former NFL star and entrepreneur, Shawn Springs is joining their Board of Directors.

“I have known Shawn for several years, and deeply admire his passion for military head injury protection, and his success in business. As the son of a US Army mother, Shawn completely understands the struggles of transitioning military personnel and his desire to help is commendable,” says Ken Falke, chairman and founder of Boulder Crest Foundation.

Shawn Springs is the Founder and CEO of Windpact (, a Virginia-based technology and applied science company focusing on impact protection in sports, military, and automotive industries. Prior to Shawn’s entrepreneurial venture, he spent 13 seasons playing NFL football. Drafted third overall in the 1st round of the 1997 NFL draft, he spent seven years with the Seattle Seahawks, five years with the Washington Redskins, and his final season with the New England Patriots.

“Working with transitioning veterans and NFL players has given me great respect for the work done at Boulder Crest. My passion, to play a role in reducing traumatic brain injuries and PTSD, is directly aligned with the mission at Boulder Crest and I am grateful to offer my expertise to this board and the organization,” said Shawn Springs.

Boulder Crest Foundation is a veteran-led organization that uses the proven science of Posttraumatic Growth to heal, train, and advocate for combat veterans, first responders, and their families, who have experienced trauma. Boulder Crest develops, delivers, and is scaling transformative programs to ensure these remarkable men and women transform struggle into strength and lifelong growth, so they can live the great lives they deserve. More broadly, Boulder Crest is working to drive change across the mental health system, in pursuit of a system that is accessible, effective, and healthy.

For more information about Boulder Crest Foundation please visit


Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area Association

Say hello to the "Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area Association" (VPHA).

As part of its 25th Anniversary celebrations this year, the nonprofit education and preservation organization formerly known as the Mosby Heritage Area Association has transformed into an organization to ensure the continued protection of the area's extraordinary landscape and its history in the next quarter-century.

After extensive discussions, the Board of Directors has decided to adopt the new name, which will more accurately capture the broad scope of its mission to highlight the diverse history, from the time of the Native Americans through the twentieth century.

“Our mission of Preservation Through Education is as important today as ever," said C. Dulany Morison, the chair of the Heritage Area Association. "We are committed to continue examining every aspect of our complex history to develop a deeper understanding of our past, foster constructive dialogue, and preserve the area's unique beauty."

The VPHA will continue to offer student and adult education programs that ask thought-provoking questions, address history’s difficult truths, and provide scholarly context of our local history. Since the onset of virus restrictions, the group has offered digital remote learning resources several days a week. The reach of these programs has been remarkable, as people from across the country have engaged with our history through virtual historic site tours, Zoom panel discussions with noted historians, and Facebook Live events.

The VPHA President Jennifer Moore, who has long served the organization, said, “We have spent a considerable amount of time over the years explaining that our focus goes far beyond just the Civil War. With the name change our broad mission will now be far more apparent to those who are unfamiliar with our organization.” The future of the Heritage Area is bright and the three full-time staff and eighteen.

Directors are pleased to announce "Piedmont Crossroads," a project that will explore the past 500 years of history in the Heritage
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