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Kevin Ramundo has sent a note:

“There’s been a little development regarding farm brewery project. Scott Buzzelli has withdrawn his brewery license application.”

The proposed location was to be just east of Middleburg.

Here is his statement:


Dear Neighbors,

I have received the petition, read your candid remarks, and am moved by the concerns of our community. Brian Yarnal and I are rescinding our ABC application for Fueled Farm Brewery and will terminate development of our project.

Our motive for the local farm business was to provide our community with a family friendly place to fellowship and unite. It was certainly never intended to divide, nor jeopardize the many wonderful relationships that we have established through the years. The town of Middleburg and its residents are very important to me.

As I want to uphold God’s highest calling to love one another and live at peace with your neighbors, I feel this decision is in the best interest of us all. We appreciate you communicating your earnest concerns for our town.

Scott Buzzelli


And, here is the response from the opposition group.


Having become aware of the depth of heart-felt concerns of the community, Scott Buzzelli and Brian Yarnal have withdrawn their application for an ABC license to develop a farm brewery and event center just outside of Middleburg.

The 445 people on the petition against the proposed Fueled Farm Brewery, and the official and unofficial objectors who filed oppositions at the Alcohol Beverage Control Board, wish to thank and applaud Scott Buzzelli and Brian Yarnal for doing the right thing and putting our Middleburg community first.

This shows they are good citizens, mindful of the heart-felt concerns of their community and neighbors.


Chef Lindell Smith is delighted to share the news from The Board of Directors of the Middleburg Tennis Club. They have announced that Chef Lindell Smith has accepted the position of Executive Chef.

Chef Lindell has extensive experience in the restaurant and hospitality business, primarily in Puerto Rico. His experience in managing both restaurant and hotel banquet functions will be a major asset for the club. In addition, his Caribbean food experience should be a very exciting addition to the menu.

Chef Lindell will be assisted in the transition by consultant, Chef Jason Lage. For information go to: or please contact Interim General Manager Kevin Brundle:


The Town of Middleburg Planning Commission approved a by-right, ministerial preliminary plat application for a proposed subdivision located outside the Town’s corporate boundaries at its meeting on Monday, August 10,. While no portion of this subdivision is within the limits of the Town of Middleburg, part of this subdivision, which is named Banbury Cross Reserve, is within one mile of the town limits and falls under the regulations of the Town’s Subdivision Ordinance, which requires action by the Town’s Planning Commission.

Under Virginia law, a ministerial application
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Big news from the Land Trust of Virginia (LTV). They have received a Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award.

The LTV received the award on Friday, August 21, for their Blue Ridge Conservation Initiative. This is an ongoing project to conserve as much land as possible along a 40-mile stretch of the Blue Ridge Mountains, extending from Harper’s Ferry south to the Northern tip of Shenandoah National Park.

During the LTV’s initial research of a 200,000-acre study area, they learned that only about 30,000 acres, or roughly 15% of the land, is protected by national or state parks, or by conservation easements donated by landowners. LTV has spent the last five years reaching out to landowners and encouraging them to place their properties in conservation easements. This work has only been made possible because of support from friends and members and the generous grants from the Virginia Environmental Endowment.

The Governor’s program is run by the Department of Environmental Quality and Department of Conservation and Recreation. The awards recognize successful and innovative efforts that improve Virginia's environment. For more go to:


Carol Holden and Sam Huff Carol Holden, with West Virginia native and NFL Hall of Famer Sam Huff, co-founded the West Virginia Breeders Classics in 1987 with more than $28 million in purses.
Photo by Tim Jacobsen

In the fall of 1986, Carol Holden and Sam Huff were riding back to Middleburg following an afternoon of racing at Laurel Park Racecourse for the first ever Maryland Million. That event was founded by broadcaster Jim McKay, a horse lover, as was Sam, at the time announcing Washington NFL games on the radio.

“On the way home, Sam asked why we couldn’t do the same in West Virginia,” recalled Carol, a lifelong
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West Virginia Breeders Classics Charles Town Races

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