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Antiques in The Plains on October 22 and 23, to unveil their new line of hunt country men’s clothes.

Rick Hindin, co-founder of Britches of Georgetowne and legendary custom suit designer Mark Rykken, who teamed up to start Britches Bespoke at Rockefeller Center three years ago, will introduce their new “Clothing For Life” in the midst of one of Virginia’s best antique collections.

Rykken, who worked at Washington’s venerable Britches for 18 years and updated its classic clothing collections went on to partner with legendary fashion designer Alan Flusser, will be showing visitors the new hunt country line and taking measurements for clients who want to order the bespoke clothing.

The truck show will take place both days from 11am until 6pm and will feature The Britches Bespoke Silhouette, or “house style,” an updated version of the iconic London Drape Cut invented over 80 years ago on Savile Row by the personal tailor to the Duke of Windsor.

Hindin and Rykken say they are following in the footsteps of the Britches brand strategy of lifestyle merchandising with integrity and quality at reliably reasonable prices. “Designing and tailoring custom “Clothing for Life” raises the bar in the luxury apparel business,” Hindin says. ‘This is a whole new way to think about custom tailoring,”

Unlike most custom tailors, Britches Bespoke offers its clientele full custom wardrobing services for all aspects of their lives. “The idea is to give those who love or aspire to wear custom clothing the opportunity to create and assemble wardrobes that uniquely reflect their individual and personal taste.” Rykken says.

In addition to the totally handmade collections of Bespoke clothing, Britches Bespoke offers two tiers of Made to Measure clothing and accessories.

They include Bespoke’s updated classic custom dress and work attire, custom outerwear, custom footwear, custom shirtings, belts, ties, slacks, sportswear, and rainwear.

With New York shutdown due to Covid19, Britches Bespoke set out to take their unique ideas about custom clothing service directly to customers through trunk shows like the one coming to The Plains.

Hindin and Rykken thought it would be good to have the show in the epicenter of Hunt Country giving that the new designs were formulated for horsemen and fox hunters.

Lisa Vella, owner of Baileywyck Antiques, agreed to have the show right in Baileywyck, the 4,500 square foot hunt county antiques collection at 4274 Loudoun Ave.

A New Yorker for over 20 years, Rykken’s designed and made custom clothing for New York’s fashion elite. He calls Hindin “a legendary figure in the men’s apparel industry for having created and co-founded the iconic brands Britches of Georgetowne, Britches Western, Britches Great Outdoors and now Britches Bespoke.

Stable Tour Cancelled

Doukénie Winery

At the Foot of Short Hill Mountain - Doukénie Winery
In the words of Nicki Bazaco

No discussion of life on the farm today, at Doukénie, will be meaningful until we share how we got to where we are today. Were we farmers? No. Are we farmers today? Yes! Credit for our success must be given to two strong women in our lives. First, George’s grandmother, Doukénie Babayanie Bacos, who in 1919, at the age of 14, boarded a boat for the journey to America from her native Greece. It is her courage, tenacity, hard work and sense of adventure that is instilled in her grandson, my husband, George Bazaco. Second, is George’s mother, Hope. Hope is the matriarch of our family and it is Hope’s welcoming smile and her delicious baklava that continues to greet and delight all visitors and locals to our tasting room.

George and I purchased the slice of land we consider “heaven”, where the winery stands today, in 1983. In total, we purchased two tracks for a total of 496 acres. Just .2 miles from Hillsboro and at the base of Short Hill Mountain, the land had been farmed for corn, hay and cattle; with rich farm soils, abundant wildlife, waters and beautiful views, it was a slice of “heaven.”

"It’s either grape jelly or wine.”

We were not “farmers” as such though we knew the land was ripe for farming. George was and still is, a busy pulmonary physician. Initially we started with cattle followed by sheep for five years on the land. In the mid-eighties, viticulture was just taking off in Virginia so when a local vineyard down the street came to us looking for grapes, we thought why not? Three generations of the Bazaco family planted our first Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and we never looked back. As George comments, “Nicki – it’s either grape jelly or wine.” We moved out to the house in 2001 and began bottling our wine in the basement. Shortly after we built the winery, where the wine is bottled today.

The industry is very inclusive, so we had a lot of help in learning the business. George always felt that surrounding yourself with experts was the best way to learn and having a farm winery was no different. We placed the property in conservation easement with LTV in 2007 and we firmly believe that this was one of the best decisions we ever made. I sat on several boards, one of which was the Rural Economic Committee, where I learned firsthand how the growth of Loudoun County was taking away our open spaces at an alarming rate.

When the COVID shutdown began this past March, and the tasting room closed, we were forced like many other wineries, to rethink our model. With a creative staff and dedicated club members, we have been able to do just that. We began by offering free shipping and curbside pickup. Though shipping was offered, our Heritage club members chose to pick their wine up themselves. To our amazement, many of the members doubled their purchases!

George is still working as a physician and is once again, discussing his annual trip to Haiti with Medical Missionaries. As a farmer too, on any day you can see him on his tractor out here on the farm. Though I am not in my “office”, the tasting room now, my hopes are that I will soon…be greeting you.

So, please come and visit us in our slice of “heaven.”

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