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Tree in Historic Oatlands Gardens
Photo © Dillion Keen Photography

The powers that be at Oatlands Historic House & Gardens near Leesburg recently welcomed five local tree care firms to the estate to help preserve the breathtaking tree canopy.

The five firms brought state-of-the-art equipment and a total of 25 crew members for two full days as part of an effort to preserve and protect the ancient, historic trees.

Led by ISA Certified Arborist Jim Donegan of Donegan’s Tree Service, the project commenced last fall when his business offered Oatlands a free comprehensive tree inventory to help the facility identify, track, and plan for tree care as part of the estate’s preventative maintenance planning.

After the inventory was complete, Donegan recommended several urgent actions to protect and stabilize some of the 313 trees on the property. To move forward with immediate remediation, Donegan offered to approach four other tree companies in the area to work together to provide the tree work at a discounted rate.

“Maintaining and operating this expansive property to preserve Virginia’s rich history is incredibly expensive. All of our funding comes from private donors, so we knew that the cost of this tree care would likely be out of reach for us in our 2020 budget,” said Oatlands Chief Executive Officer Caleb Schutz, “It’s truly amazing that Jim was able to not only provide us with information about our 300-plus trees, but also come back with a team to perform this important and very necessary tree work at a discount for us.”

Oatlands, part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and a registered National Historic Site, is an independent non-profit organization which receives no government funding.

The project began with a two-month comprehensive tree inventory of Oatlands’ mature and serviceable trees, a step that was necessary to assess their health and develop a plan of action to bring them back to excellent condition.


Fox Hunters on White's Ferry
White’s Ferry Photo by Crowell Hadden

The Tooth Fairy - White’s Ferry
Jeff Blue - Jet Blue
Cards Against Humanity - Trivial Pursuit
Bridge Littleton - London Bridge
Masks - Flasks
Peach Brandy - Peach tea (or both)
Charlie - Tiger
Moonshine - Frose
Chocolate Bombs - F Bombs (well maybe)
Zoom - Doom
Sunflowers - Impatiens
Orange Pie - Key Lime Pie
Officer A.J. - Officer Krumpke
Respectful - cringe worthy
Eating in the kitchen - dining room drama
Plain meaning - sophistry
Concentration - multitasking
Basics - extra
Duvet coats - leather leggings
Power pajamas - Sweat pants
5 o'clock somewhere - 5 o'clock shadow
Rye craft cocktails - Straight bourbon
Peacocks - Turkeys
Quiet Elegance - Glorious Mess
E.M.Forster - Julian Fellowes
Matthew Mcfadyen - Matthew McConaughey
Green Curry - Burger fries
Dark Trim - White Trim
Vizcaya - Mar-a-Lago
Locke Store - Trader Joe’s
Heronwood - Augusta National
Pollinators - Stink bugs
Fasting - Keto
Chess - Bingo
Mount Blanc - Sharpies
Dr. Fauci - Doc Martin
Slippers - Heels
Charcuterie - Chuck E Cheese
Duke and Duchess of Sussex - Lord and Taylor
Pantone’s Ultimate Gray - 50 Shades of Grey
Flasks - Miniatures
Slater Run - Moet & Chandon
Kim Keppick - Rusty
Jet Blue - Jeff Blue
Jeb Hannum - J.E.B. Stuart

And this P.S. from Style Maven Viviane Warren:
In: Foxhunters who know how to feed, groom, pick hooves, clean tack, ride, and take off their spurs when not on a horse.
Out: Foxhunters who want to just mount their steed at the meet and forgot to shine their boots, brush their coats, and observe hunting protocol.

With a wink and a nod to our elite secret group of savvy and sophisticated contributors.


The Virginia Cooperative Extension has launched a series of monthly webinars that highlight the contributions of women in agriculture and provide educational and networking opportunities for Virginia farm women.

The “Women in Agriculture Network: Fostering Female Farmers” series began in December with an introductory meeting that featured discussions among participants about their lives as farm women. The webinar was held on Zoom, and was streamed and recorded on Facebook Live.

Guest speaker Meredith Bernard, who raises beef cattle with her husband, Lawrence, in Caswell County, N.C., shared her experiences as a first-generation farmer. Bernard emphasized the importance of voicing the female perspective on agriculture.

“I believe that we’re in a time—more than ever—when it’s important for us to tell our stories,” she said. “There are so many people out there who want to tell our story for us, and they don’t necessarily want to do that in a positive light. “I just want people to know and understand that their stories matter,” she added. “What you’re doing matters, your voice matters, your opinion matters, and I want us as women farmers to own that and to share our stories in any capacity we can.”

Faye Hundley, chairman of Virginia Farm Bureau Federation Women’s Leadership Committee, said the webinar was an excellent opportunity for farm women to interact and expand their social circles.

“The first session of the series was great, and it was very encouraging to see a lot of familiar faces attending the meeting alongside Farm Bureau women,” Hundley said. “Meredith Bernard’s presentation was very engaging, and we as viewers learned many valuable lessons on how to use social media to share our important stories as women in agriculture.”

Virginia Cooperative Extension agents will continue to host the webinars the first Tuesday of each month.

The next session is expected to feature discussions on women in leadership positions in agricultural industries.

For more information and updates on upcoming webinars, visit the
Women in Agriculture Network Facebook page.

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