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diagnostic facility. The special arena is designed by Blackburn Architects of Washington, D.C, noted for their equestrian facilities.

Offering advanced specialty care, EMC has 24-hour emergency treatment and diagnostic services for horses working in all sporting disciplines. The well-known treatment center is considered one of the best in the United States.

The new Steven and Jane Hale Indoor Arena was made possible by Aimee and Frank Batten. The Battens’ initial challenge was followed by many donations, including a large gift from the Steven and Jane Hale estate. When finished, the arena complex will be connected to the existing Fout barn by a covered walkway.

John Blackburn, senior principal of the firm, explained: “Three different types of footing will be installed to test for lameness: asphalt, rubber-either pavers or poured in place- and soft riding footing. The soft riding footing will be in a small arena that's about 126' x 75'. There will be two jogging strips and two lunging areas. A skylight will allow an abundance of light into the structure. Large, operable garage-door style windows will line the sides of the building.”

An observation platform will offer an ideal point for clients and students watching a horse while being worked on any of the three footings. For additional info go to: or

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Jamie Wyeth's Iggy Visits Union Rags—Fairhill
Jamie Wyeth (American, b. 1946)
Iggy Visits Union Rags—Fairhill 2011 (2011),
mixed media on toned paper,
4 ¼ x 8 ¾ inches
on loan from The Phyllis and Jamie Wyeth Collection

A Celebration reflects Phyllis’ vibrant spirit and love of nature, horses, and her ever-present dogs. Phyllis Mills Wyeth: A Celebration features 31 paintings and drawings, ranging from Jamie Wyeth’s first portrait of her (Phyllis Mills, 1967)—depicted outdoors and covered in fallen leaves—to more recent work, such as the lushly painted Overslept (2018). The artist captured the many facets of his wife’s remarkable life, from her accomplishments as a carriage driver, as shown in Into the Gorge (1975) and Connemara Four (1991), to her success as a Thoroughbred horse breeder and owner, most notably in Winner’s Circle, Belmont Stakes (2012). The latter celebrates the win of her champion horse, Union Rags, at that illustrious race in 2012.

Paintings such as Catching Pollen (2012), Stealing Holly from the Irénées (2016), and Southern Light (1994), attest to Phyllis Wyeth’s love of the outdoors and the distinctive landscapes surrounding her at home in Pennsylvania and in Maine. Also on view, are a selection of intimate domestic scenes, painted as Christmas gifts from her husband, and depicting her beloved dogs. Details: 540-687-6542 and The museum charges $10 for adults, $8 for youths (age 13–18), and $8 for seniors. NSLM members and children age 12 and under are free. Hours are Wednesday – Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

  61st Annual Hunt Country Stable Tour

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The Ultimate Middleburg Social Calendar | Property Writes

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