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The Ultimate Middleburg Social Calendar
Property Writes


Stunning Display at Middleburg Wealth Management.
Photo by Vicky Moon

Kudos to Julie-Anne Lewis of Middleburg Wealth Management at 4 North Madison Street for a stunning display.


Katherine Berger
Photo by Vicky Moon

Katherine Berger was among the guests at the William Chewning Art Show in The Plains.

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Lilla Ohrstrom
Photo by Vicky Moon

Lilla Ohrstrom is shown here with her award-winning sculpture “Rapunzel Let Down Your Squirrel Tail” at the Piedmont Regional Art Show in The Plains. She learned to love art as an elementary student at The Hill School in Middleburg. Art was encouraged and, she said. “I had the good fortune of having Em Sharp as an art teacher. Her humor and imagination was warm and inviting. It was with her that I discovered clay and decided I wanted to be an artist someday.”

After high school she went on to Parsons School of Design in Paris for two years. After graduation from Skidmore in Saratoga Springs, she returned to Paris and studied sculpture at the Ecole des Arts Decorative.

“I’ve had the opportunity to travel and see great art around the world, which has inspired me. I've studied at some of the top art schools in the USA, such as RISD, VCCA, and The Corcoran,” she told She also has a Masters degree in art therapy from George Washington University.

As the creative director of Youngblood Art Studio in The Plains, she works on her own art and supports others doing the same. She offers her gallery for art exhibits and uses her background as an art therapist to help people navigate life's challenges through art-making.

On June 1, she will launch a show and sale at Youngblood Art Studio (YAS) for Joan Danziger. “It’s a nice synchronicity that Joan Danziger is on view at The National Sporting Library Museum through January,” she said.

The opening night at YAS will also feature a French abstract painter, Marylou. “I’m excited to promote women artists, including myself. We need to work together to strengthen our standing in the art world,” Lilla added. “It’s discouraging to note how under-represented women have been in the art world, and it's clear that we need to stand up and say we are worth as much as men and our artistic endeavors have merit that ought not to be missed in museums and the high-end art market. In the next two years, I’ll be producing some of my best work to date, and I look forward to showing it to the world.”

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The Ultimate Middleburg Social Calendar
Property Writes

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