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with changes including plans for a pool, tennis court, garden and greenhouse.

The Planning Commission (PC) will hear an update from staff on September 17th. The PC is then scheduled for a public meeting on the application on October 17th. At this meeting, the PC may formally vote on the application. This timeline is subject to change and we will keep you informed.

The FCPG is opposed to the application as it is inconsistent with the County's comprehensive plan which seeks to focus commercial development in the service districts to help preserve agricultural areas. Furthermore, allowing a “lodge,” or hotel, would perpetuate a trend towards more high-intensity, non-agricultural uses in rural areas and encourage similar development throughout the County.

Some have expressed a willingness to take a lead in respective communities to inform neighbors, write letters and attend public meetings. On behalf of the FCPG, thank you for your commitment. Please contact Jeb Hannum-, or call Fauquier Countryside Preservation Group (FCPG) 484-238-6290 if you’re willing to hold a neighborhood meeting or would like to get involved in other ways.


Melissa Phipps Gray and Kevin Ramundo
Photo by Len Shapiro

Melissa Phipps Gray and Kevin Ramundo had a chat during a recent barn party at Hill School.

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The Ultimate Middleburg Social Calendar | Property Writes

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