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equipping them with life skills to be innovative global citizens,” said MCCS Principal Stephen Robinson. “While honoring the truly remarkable history of Middleburg Elementary, we are keenly aware that our facilities need updating. We wish to make capital improvements to the building which include repairing the floors and walls, upgrading the HVAC in the older por-tion of the school, and updating the bathrooms and cafeteria. Our long-term plan is to renovate the classrooms, front entrance, music lab and library to help reflect our instructional program as a project-based school.

“In addition to long-term facility improvements,” he added, “other needs in-clude state-of-the-art computer work stations which would provide an opportunity for scholars to collaborate and then create artifacts that are real-world centered using 3D printing and other computer-based technology. We would also use fund-ing for improvements to the art and music program, such as new musical instru-ments and art supplies, as well as backdrops and costumes for stage productions. Lastly, MCCS is looking to enhance our garden program and expand our outdoor seating that enables our scholars to promote an environmental approach to in-struction.”

Since the 1880s, MCCS, then Middleburg Elementary, has been a historical icon in the town. In the face of a possible closure, Middleburg community stakeholders rallied to keep the school open by establishing it as a public charter school in 2014. Since then, MCCS has been operating as one of only eight charter schools in Virgin-ia. The school focuses on the development of the whole child, using innovative ed-ucational approaches. By employing project-based learning and a Leonardo da Vinci teaching method, MCCS promotes curiosity, confidence, and a love of learn-ing.

Middleburg Community Charter School is a public charter open to all Loudoun County residents. There is no fee to attend and no test to gain admission. MCCS is accepting applications for students from kindergarten through fifth grade for the 2019-2020 school year.

How to Give
There are several ways to give to the 2019 MCCS
Challenge Grant Campaign:

« Donation link through GoFundMe:

« Directly to the Western Loudoun County Community Schools Foundation:

The hard deadline to secure matching gifts and pledges of support is December 31, 2019, though donors can fulfill their gifts over a period of up to three years through the WLCCSF.

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feet wide, 4 feet high and 16 feet long (2 x 4 x 16 = 128).

No matter how the wood is stacked, the width times the height, times the length should equal 128 cubic feet.

Virginia law prohibits sellers from using terms such as “face cord” or “rack” or “pile” when advertising to offer wood for sale or selling wood for use as fuel. If the buyer visually inspects a truckload of wood and agrees to a selling price for that load, the term “truckload” may be used. Sellers also are required to provide a de-livery ticket or sales invoice upon delivery of any non-packaged fireplace or stove wood. In addition to the vendor’s name and address, the ticket must contain the purchaser’s name and address, the date of delivery, the quantity delivered, the quantity upon which the price is based (if it differs from the delivery quantity), and the total price of the amount delivered.

VDACS offers the following advice for buyers who suspect that they have not received the full amount of wood they paid for:

· Keep the delivery ticket or sales invoice as proof of purchase.

· Pay by check so that you have a record of the purchase.

· Write down the license number of the delivery vehicle.

· Measure the wood before using any of it.

· If you determine the delivery to be short measure, first contact the seller to rectify the shortage.

· If the seller does not cooperate, contact the VDACS Office of Weights and Measures at 804-786-2476. Do not use any of the firewood prior to the investiga-tion by VDACS.

Consumers should use firewood in a safe and sensible manner. Only use seasoned wood, not green wood, as fuel in fireplaces and wood stoves. Seasoned or dry wood burns cleaner, creates less creosote buildup in chimneys than green wood, and produces up to 25 percent more heat than green wood.

In addition to safety concerns, consumers should also take into consideration the origin of the firewood. VDACS recommends buying firewood from local sources. Native trees and forests are threatened by invasive insects and diseases that live in dead and dying wood. These devastating pests may be accidentally spread to new locations by transporting firewood from areas outside your community. Buying firewood from local sources reduces the threat from these pests. VDACS also rec-ommends buying local firewood instead of transporting it into campgrounds or parks as another way to help prevent the potential spread of invasive insects and disease.

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The Ultimate Middleburg Social Calendar | Property Writes

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