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The Ultimate Middleburg Social Calendar
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Nol’s thoughtful expression draws people and his dynamic iron sculptures soothe and satisfy. Lilla and Nol conducted a workshop together the following day, which included working in clay and playing trust-building games. One of the participants was surrealist contemporary sculptor Melissa Uchiuji, who is conducting her own workshop, Guise and Dolls at The Grace Episcopal Church, another burgeoning art venue in The Plains. Lilla is the honorary chairperson for The Piedmont Art Show at the church May 17-19.

Silas Plum
Silas Plum (, has made his gallery debut at YAS.
Photo by Vicky Moon

In April, Lilla had another well-attended conversation with local artist Silas Plum (, who has made his gallery debut at YAS. His prolific mixed media works include cut out figures colored and applied to deeply layered painted backgrounds. The exhibit called “Axiology” is divided into four parts. Notgeld - What We Need, The Outlands - What We Dream, ARRGH! Or History Shown Through Frustrated People - What We Suffer, and Portals - What We Fear.

The images are often in mandala-like circles floating in textured darkness, the void. One such work is titled The Unfortunate and Inevitable Fall of Man. It depicts an unwitting blindfolded man in a suit approaching a huge, hissing snake wrapped around a tree branch. Another called The Happy Couple has a cartoonish blurb “ARRGH!” shouted out by The Wife as The Man complains to her that women are not supposed to say ARRGH! Each work has a story to accompany it. The Show is thoughtful and thought-provoking. It requires the viewer to think deeply about the paradoxical nature of being human. This work explores existential concerns that unsettle the senses.

Silas Plum has become a member of The Art League and has been published in journals, articles, and Unchartable, an art book published by Portland Review that tags top up and coming artists.

The art works of Silas Plum will be on display at YAS through May 26th. Doors are open every weekend from noon to 4 p.m. and by appointment. Call 540-270-0402.


Members and friends of the Goose Creek Association Photo by Crowell Hadden.

Members and friends of the Goose Creek Association gathered for their annual Members Spring Party at the Hosta family home in Upperville recently. Lori Keenan McGuinnes, chairman of the Fauquier district of the organization, presented a thank-you gift to Sally Hosta.

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The Ultimate Middleburg Social Calendar
Property Writes

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