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Manure Phosphorus Extraction System

MAPHEX, the shorthand name for a mobile system that removes phosphorus from manure, is steps closer to offering dairy farmers greater flexibility in where, when, and how they use the nutrient to fertilize crops.

The Manure Phosphorus Extraction System is the invention of a team of scientists and was designed to remove phosphorus from liquid manure and concentrate it in a dried form that's easier to transport—for example, to off-site fields, where it can be spread onto crops in need.

As it now stands, the sheer volume of manure that a dairy farm's herds generate can make hauling the waste impractical or too costly. And only so much can be spread to on-site crops before excess phosphorus begins to run off into lakes, rivers, or other water bodies, imperiling water quality and aquatic life. Indeed, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates phosphorus runoff from land applications of manure accounts for around 66 percent of impaired water conditions in the nation's lakes and rivers.

Mindful of the environmental and economic constraints, the team designed MAPHEX to operate atop a flatbed trailer that can be driven straight to where it's needed, namely, the lagoons or holding tanks where dairy farms store liquid manure.

COCKFIGHTING STORY recently reported that cockfighting is a blood sport that continues underground in parts of the U.S. despite being illegal in every state.

The roosters were rescued in law enforcement raids on properties that were hosting illegal cockfighting rings. They’ve found a safe haven at the Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary in Ravenna, Ohio.

The sanctuary has taken in 159 roosters since 2015, but it has been forced to put a hold on intake due to space constraints.

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The Ultimate Middleburg Social Calendar | Property Writes

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